Supply Chain

Hello People of Supply Chain

Supply Chain a challenge?

Let me introduce myself .

I am Mircea Teodorescu ,46 years old , with 15 years experience in Supply chain/Logistics/Transport area , and more than 7 years in Sales.

I have work in Automotive , Furniture Industry and FMGC.

As usual i have start as a newbie, and day by day i have gain experience.

Finally i have reach the position of a Supply Chain Manager in automotive Area for a Tier 1 supplier.

I have start this Blog in order to help young and enthusiastic People to understand easier  Supply Chain.

I remember how hard it was in the past to understand all necessary.

Based o my previous experience , i’m gone try  to make more clear what seems to be very complicated.

Supply chain

Because i strongly believe that Supply Chain show us how to be a part of  a big mechanism, i am sure this blog can ad value on your professional area.

Each stage in your professional carrier means a lot of milestones to achieve.

With a little help from my side i think your professional life can be a little bit easy.

In the past 20 years the customer request has changed.People need their goods, faster from best service providers.

That was the main concern of people from Logistics.

How to deliver according to the customer expectation on high quality levels ?

Not difficult , but the architecture of the whole Chain was changed.

So , Supply Chain has dramatically change our life, in the last years.

Therefore i consider a challenge acting in this Area.



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